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Contact Us:

Office: 585-798-4088
Fax: 585-798-2587

Dave Schubel:
Cell: 716-560-4482

Phil & Dawn Keppler:
Home: 585-798-4088
Cell: 716-560-4480

Alana Keppler
Cell: 585-721-0677


About Us

We are a family cattle operation which includes Dave Schubel, Alana Keppler, and Dawn & Phil Keppler.

Our operation consists of approximately 1200 acres of pasture and row crop. We calve nearly 300 females every spring and breed over 300 head each summer. With cows, bulls, and feeder cattle we will carry over 600 head through the winter. We handle all these cattle and put up 100% of the feed with labor from our family and some part time help.

We believe in the cattle we produce and stand behind them. We also try to accumulate as much accurate and relevant data as we can. Not only to help us breed better cattle, but to give our customers even more confidence in investing in our genetics.

We are open for business all year round, feel free to give us a call to set up a time to stop on by!

After graduating from Canisius College with a management, entrepreneurship and human resources degree, Phil and Dawn’s youngest daughter, Alana, has come home to work on the farm. We are going on two years now, and she is a great asset to our farm. As she puts it, “My favorite part of my job is getting to work with my dad everyday. I have gotten to know him well and have had the chance to spend quality time with him which is something most sons and daughters don’t have the opportunity to do. It also makes me appreciate all the work and sacrifices he has made for our family and to make the farm better.”

Commercial Replacement Females

Reds, Blacks, Black Baldies, or Herefords, whether you need 5 or 50, we annually have a large selection of bred coming 3 year olds and middle aged cows available.

Our cow herd is comprised of half commercial females and half registered Herefords.

We use Hereford and Angus bulls to produce F1 baldies and percentage females.

We collect the same valuable data on our commercial cattle that we do on our registered cattle.

Registered Hereford Females

Whether you're looking to start a herd or add to an existing herd, we'd like to help you out. We have a large selection of quality hereford bred heifers and cows available.

Our registered females are raised right along with our commercial cattle and have to produce efficiently in a real world environment in order to stay in our herd. These females must have a balance of maternal, growth, and carcass traits, while putting it all into an eye appealing package.

SK Hereford Bulls will give you a better Calf Crop.

More Pounds Weaned - Increase hybrid vigor by using Hereford Bulls on your black cows.
More Carcass Premiums - Low yield grades and high quality grades. Black baldies are CAB or CHB eligible.
Reduced Feed Costs - Increased feed efficiency and adaptability.
Decrease Labor Costs - Good disposition cattle take less time to work and cause less problems.
Improved Marketability - More uniform quality calf crop.
All bulls have a complete set of data, with actual measurements and ratios, from birth to yearling.